Pre-Release Panda Lab

Share your panda for a chance to win

We give away 10 Hungry Panda NFTs to people who create and share their own with this tool. Here's what you need to do:

1. Follow us on Twitter:

Click on this Button to follow @HungryPandaNFT:

2. Create and Share your Hungry Panda

Simply create your dream panda here and then share it on Twitter with the hashtag #hungrypandafam and a link to this page. We prepared an example post you can use when you click the button after creating your panda.

Warning: Since our NFT Collection will be minted randomly, the winners get 1 Hungry Panda NFT, but we can not predict what you will get.

Make your own Panda:

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The pandas created here do not come with the final NFTs. We may still change artworks and some artworks you will only see after the launch.

Will all traits be distributed equally?

No, certain traits are much rarer than others. While you can experiment with a lot of them here, it might be much harder to get some of them when they are minted.

What Are Hungry Pandas?

Hungry pandas are a collection of 10,000 pandas, made from hand drawn traits, fur types, items, and of course FOODS.

We pandas love to eat. We took special care to stand out. As one of only a few collections, our artworks show the whole character.

Clothes, shoes, and other items are much more fun that way. All of our artworks are drawn with love for the detail. We have been working for months on them.

What should you do now?

Don’t miss the launch and delicious updates.

Follow us on Twitter: @HungryPandaNFT"

Join our Discord:

Can I get this exact Panda?

Apart from the Fur, which will be assigned at mint, Yes! Different Traits will cost different Bamboo Amounts, so make sure your Panda gets enough Bamboo when you mint.

How many Pandas will I be able to adopt?

You will be able to mint 20 Hungry Pandas at a time.

Wen Moon?

We're in a hurry, so we should arrive at the Moon about a day after the launch, and will then continue to Mars.